Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Return

My buddy Les Wallace came back to my work today. I spoke about his last visit a while back. He is a sort of management consultant type speaker. I really enjoy his presentations. I won’t get too into what he spoke about since it was all related to management and work performance. Not exactly Blog material. Back when I wrote my original entry about his visit, Les wrote me an email thanking me for mentioning him. I thought that was very classy though I doubt he got any new business from my readers. He was great as usual.

Well today he mentioned to my Boss that I have a blog. Actually he mentioned it a few times in his presentation so a lot of my co-workers asked me about it. Not that I keep things secret. I just keep my severely geeky hobbies on the down-low at work. It helps to maintain my image (whatever that is).

Actually on the geek ladder at work I am not quite at the top. I know a few folks who are REALLY into civil war recreations and a few others who do Renaissance Fairs. There are a lot of comic book geeks in my building but I think the king geek is a friend of mine who is a HUGE Space: 1999 fan. I remember how excite he was when as a birthday gift he got a scale replica of a Space: 1999 Eagle spaceship. So me and my love of Egyptology, Paleontology and comic books don’t seem so bad. Right? Please?

So now everyone knows I have a blog so I am giving out the URL to the blog. I hope to get some new readers! Please check out my podcast while you are here at strangerswithcomics.com.

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