Saturday, September 8, 2007


I was trying to wrap my brain around how to write about my favorite podcast but it took frustration with my day job to show me the way.

AntiFanboy is a podcast about comic books. Every week they sit around and pick their favorite books, argue about comics stuff, and do some really funny and smart comedy routines. I seriously enjoy this podcast. But it is not for everyone. They do cuss quite a bit and you will occasional hear someone call someone else “gay”. But if you get past that, or if you like that sort of stuff, these are some smart guys who have a real passion for comics. I have spoken to most of them on Skype and the AntiFanboys are not racist or mean or gay bashers. They are just young and passionate.

Jon Suarez is the ringmaster and we seem to share a love for Superman and Strangers in Paradise. He doesn’t get on board my Aquaman love train but that's forgivable. Steve Oteri (the sixth funniest man in podcasting) is the go to guy for song parodies, spontaneous riffs on comic characters, and absurd humor. Devon Kopek is the Marvel guy who, when he gets a word in edgewise, is very articulate and weathers the DC fanatic attacks from the other three. Chris Galanti will one day be an evil genius and he is definitely thinking about comics on a higher level than most of us mortals. That and he is the film freak of the group.

For the full AntiFanboy effect, I recommend going here:


...and downloading Episode 22. In this episode, not only do we hear some great opinions on Civil War and 52, but right in the middle is the funniest segment I ever heard on a podcast involving pro-wrestler Dean Malenko and a mystery date. Lots of cussing to boot! Yahoo!

I guess the reason I wanted to write about the AntiFanboys is that they have really gotten me back into comics. I would say that in anticipation of their weekly episodes, I burn through my comics that week to be sure I have read whatever they are reviewing. Also, they have reminded me of when I was in college and my friends and I sat around and talked comics, movies, heavy metal music and pro-wrestling. Good times.

Next we return to my long box of love.

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