Monday, June 25, 2007

The Super Dictionary

Today's entry is an expose on this fantastic book my wife got me at a flea market last year:

Yes it's the Super Dictionary! This book was written to help children develop vocabulary. It was published in 1978 and most of the art was by Joe Kubert, with some selections from everyone from Neal Adams to Joe Shuster. I loved this book right from the inside cover. Check:

I don't know what happened to Leon Stamps, but two things I can say for sure:

1) He got a real boost to his vocabulary from this book

2) His perceptions of DC superheroes was changed forever!

Here are a few samples to show the kind of craziness within this book.

First of all they present the cast of characters:

Some of the usual suspects are here but then, on page two, we get reminded of the 70's need to diversify everything:

I remember that for some reason, besides a Black or Asian superhero, there were always the American Indian hero tacked on. Not sure if that was appropriate but hey, Apache Chief rocked the house! Onto the definitions and their wacky illustrations.

There are lots of pages of superhero self-affirmation like Wonder Woman here:

Or Batman and the Boy Wonder here:

But there are a lot of superheros in weird situations. Insert your own Green Arrow joke here:

Also Wonder Woman answers all your questions about Amazonian PMS:

There is a lot of general goofiness images such as team Aquaman trying to convince some fish that despite their fishing utensils, they are in fact here to help the fish.

You had to know Donna Troy was gonna be trouble just from this image. Some Supergirl rage issues here obviously.

The book manages to foreshadow some important events in DC continuity. For example, The Killing Joke:

And Identity Crisis:

Also there is a nod to Shenmue:

Perhaps most disturbing are the many homoerotic images. That ain't no popin corn kemosabe!

Some Native American man love:

Also what the heck does Catwoman really intend to do to Robin? Holy Date Rape!

Finally we have Batman doing a Spider Man impersonation. Nothing like making remarks as you are about to get pounded with a ginormous yellow mallet:

I could go on because there are hundred of pages of images in this little gem. Maybe later on I will re-visit the Super Dictionary. But next up on the blog is a look at my Long box of LOVE!


Mandi said...

I used to have one of these when I was growing up. I loved it. I used it up until I was done high school. :D

Jerry said...

I'm leaving a *comment*. I'm leaving a remark after your blog. Comments are only accepted by google/Blogger users.

Antonio said...

You now have three comments. You have 3 comments. Three is two more than one, and that is terrible.


denny said...

I have one of these "The Super Dictionary" 's what are they worth? maby willing to sell it.

Mark said...

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Anonymous said...
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